BotSoc Standing Committees

The Botanical Society of South Africa has a number of standing committees, most of which serve in an advisory capacity to the BotSoc Council, through the Head Office. We thank all volunteer members of these committees for their service and support to the Society.

Executive Committee: Financial responsibility for head office management accounts, personnel, membership, administration and decisions that need to be made between Council meetings. Reports and recommends policy to Council. Comprises of the Council Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, President, Treasurer, and 1 other member of Council

Finance Committee​: Reports and recommends to Council on finance, governance and risk related matters. Comprises of the Council Chairperson, Treasurer, Auditor, immediate past treasurer, and 1 other member with finance/governance expertise. ​ 

Conservation Committee: Reports and recommends to Council on conservation related matters. 

Honours & Awards Committee: Reviews applications (nominations) for the various awards, appraises the applications and recommends to Council. All recommendations from the committee are subject to ratification by the full Council. The President of the Society serves as the chairperson of this sub-committee.

Veld & Flora Committee​: Manage the editorial content of four issues of Veld & Flora per year. The Editor is employed by the Society and works with the editorial committee  on the content management for the particular issue. The management and admnistration of the affairs of the magazine is a head office function. The committee may give inputs to the Council via the office of the Executive Director. All branches and interest groups are encouraged to submit regular articles and news about their respective regions for submission to the head office. Head office manages the corporate and Council pages, classifieds and branch pages of the magazine, the committee the content feature article pages.