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Please visit the bookshops at Kirstenbosch for membership matters whilst Head Office is closed. Online joining can be accessed via www.botanicalsociety.org.za.

About Us

MOU between BotSoc and SANBI

In 2010, BotSoc and SANBI signed an MOU to collaborate on various aspects of conservation, to strengthen their historical link and demonstrate a true model for effective cooperation and a mutually beneficial relationship between a public entity and civil society.

The current leadership of BotSoc and SANBI felt the need, on the eve of the joint centenary celebrations in 2013, to document the common understanding between the two organizations. The strategic intent was to enter into operational and other protocols to facilitate their already existing highly successful partnership which has the foundation for becoming a model for an effective cooperation and a mutually beneficial relationship between the public entity and civil society.

The MOU recognizes that:

  • SANBI and BotSoc have had a very long relationship, dating back to 1913
  • Potential exists to build on this existing relationship to forge a strategic partnership between a public entity (SANBI) and private citizens through a membership-based NGO (BotSoc) for the mutual benefit of both organizations.nd participating outlets
  • There is a need to mobilize and excite all South African citizens from all walks of life and socio-economic groups, around our country’s biodiversity heritage. SANBI’s network of National Botanical Gardens and biodiversity mandate provides a unique opportunity in this regard.
  • Both SANBI and BotSoc face the challenge of transforming to become organisations representative of SA’s biodiversity
  • The relationship between SANBI and BotSoc forms part of the wider managed network between SANBI and its partners.
  • SANBI and BotSoc are two separate organizations with different governance and compliance demands and requirements.
  • Formal clarity on roles, responsibilities, as well as communications channels and decision making protocols, etc. need to be set out and agreed through this MOU, which needs to be agreed to and overseen at a national level.

SANBI and BotSoc undertake to continue their good relations in a number of key areas:

  • SANBI and BotSoc’s financial relationship
  • Entry requirements for BotSoc members into the National Botanical Gardens (NBG’s)
  • BotSoc volunteers in the NGB’s
  • BotSoc contribution to infrastructure development in the NGB's
  • BotSoc members involvement with the SANBI programme,  CREW
  • Joint work on the SANBI/BotSoc FET education project
  • SANBI/BotSoc marketing, awareness and mobilizing efforts
  • Office space and IT requirements
  • Any other joint projects and activities at a national level.

Click here to view the signing of the memorandum of understanding between BotSoc and SANBI