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Branches & Gardens

Garden Route: Covering the Still Bay, Mossel Bay, George, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay to Nature’s Valley regions of the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces respectively.

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The Garden Route Branch of the Society focusses on four areas: 

Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW) The SANBI (South African Biodiversity Institute) programme.  The Botanical Society of South Africa - www.botanicalsociety.org.za - has been providing ongoing support to this programme since its inception.
Several CREW groups are active across the region. Of these the OuTramps CREW Group based in George is the most experienced. CREW is for the enthusiastic and fit outdoor lover with a passion for our indigenous wildflowers. OuTramps team leader is Di Turner. Di can be contacted at: di@strawberryhill.co.za
Alien Invasive vegetation, where the Branch as a founder member is represented on the Southern Cape Weeds Forum (SCWF). 
Information sharing and good news is our point of departure. The Forum meets twice a year and meetings take the form of field trips to alien clearing projects, sharing methodologies, experiences and discussing successes and failures. Updates on the latest Alien Invasive Plant Species (AIPS), biological control methods and legislation are disseminated. Illustrated articles about specific problem species, their impacts, control methods and often the most suitable indigenous substitutes are available on the Branch page and the Biosphere Reserve websites. Meetings are convened by Melissa Mackay who can be contacted at: mel@cape-eaprac.co.za
Members' own conservation projects, which are featured quarterly in the Branch Pages under the heading Jewels of the Garden Route in the Society's Journal Veld & Flora. 
Membership of the Society entitles members to receiving the Journal at no charge – by becoming a member residing in the Garden Route region your own restoration project or indigenous garden may very well become a "Jewel" as well. 
The UNESCO approved Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve http://www.gouritz.com and the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve http://www.grbr.org.za 
The Botanical Society of SA (BotSoc) - www.botanicalsociety.org.za - endorses both initiatives. The Garden Route Branch encompass both Biosphere Reserves and maintains representation on both fora. Quarterly Forum meetings rotate among the various towns within their domains. Forum meetings are characterised by excellent presentations focussing on the Biosphere Reserves' own projects, regional environmental topics and concerns, as well as current environmental legislation updates. A great opportunity for getting to know the region!
044 874 1558 
Garden Route Botanical Garden
49 Caledon Street
George 6529
Garden Manager: ​Finn Rautenbach
Administrator: Gabriella van Huyssteen
Horticulturist:  Tarita Pollicutte
Herbarium curator: Priscilla Burgoyne

OuTramps team leader: Di Turner di@strawberryhill.co.za 

Meetings are convened by Melissa Mackay mel@cape-eaprac.co.za

Here are some wonderful resources about invasive alien vegetation  in this region from the Southern Cape Weeds Forum :​​

2017 June Knysna Fires - Mark Dixon.pdf

SCWFBotSoc01 (152) Updated List_Echium plantagineum Patterson's Curse.pdf

 SCWFBotSoc02 Cortaderia selloana_Pampas.pdf

SCWFBotSoc03 Opuntia robusta_Opuntia microdasys.pdf

SCWFBotSoc04 Nicotiana glauca_wild tobacco.pdf

SCWFBotSoc05 Populus.pdf

SCWFBotSoc06 Arundo donax_Spanish Reed.pdf

SCWFBotSoc07 Melia azedarach_syringa.pdf

SCWFBotSoc08 Echium plantagineum_Patterson's Curse.pdf

SCWFBotSoc09 Ailanthus Altissima.pdf

SCWFBotSoc10 Cotoneaster.pdf

SCWFBotSoc11 Ipomoea indica-purpurea_Morning glories.pdf

SCWFBotSoc12 Bryophyllum delagoense-Chandelier plant.pdf

SCWFBotSoc13 Canna indica.pdf

SCWFBotSoc14 Homalanthus Populifolius.pdf

SCWFBotSoc15 Vinca major-v.minor.pdf

SCWFBotSoc16 Solanum mauritanium_luisboom bugweed.pdf

SCWFBotSoc17 Lantana camara.pdf

SCWFBotSoc18 Rubus spp_Brambles.pdf

SCWFBotSoc19 Nerium oleander.pdf

SCWFBotSoc20 Hakea species.pdf


Celebrating the Jewels of the Garden Route

The People and the Places they touch!