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Please visit the bookshops at Kirstenbosch for membership matters whilst Head Office is closed. Online joining can be accessed via www.botanicalsociety.org.za.

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Centenary Celebrations

In 2013, the Botanical Society of South Africa will be 100 years.  
The BotSoc is planning a host of activities to see the society into the 100th year. Celebrate with us and watch this space for ongoing events around the country.
Hard to believe that just on 100 years ago the beautiful walkways that we meander along, the exceptional displays and the natural flow of this Garden that we have come to enjoy so much was a neglected, overgrown farm with a ruined homestead, hordes of pigs, thickets of weeds and extensive plantations of alien plants!
As SANBI and BotSoc gear up to mark Kirstenbosch’s Centenary year there is much to celebrate on a number of fronts: the creation of Kirstenbosch and its many recreational aspects; the conservation and protection of our biodiversity; the many scientific discoveries that contribute to worldwide knowledge; the commitment to ongoing education about our botanical and biodiversity heritage. Perhaps the four words that best sum this up are: recreation, conservation, research and education. 
Today the garden, regarded by many as one of the top botanical gardens in the world, attracts accolades across the world and is an icon for botanical enthusiasts internationally. This most majestic of gardens is at once tranquil, set as it is on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, it offers the visitor a snapshot of South Africa’s unique botanical heritage and is an invitation to explore a fascinating World Heritage Site.
There would be no Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden without the Botanical Society of South Africa (BotSoc). The land for the Garden was granted on condition that the organisation was formed to support the development of the National Botanical Garden.  With SANBI as the umbrella body overseeing the nine national botanical gardens across the country, the protection of our botanical heritage is a cause for celebration worldwide*.

From late 2012 visitors to Kirstenbosch Garden can expect to see, enjoy and participate in a number of special events – some of the events planned are as follows;

 BotSoc and SANBI events:
1. Kirstenbosch Centenary Birthday Celebration
1 July 2013, Moyo at Kirstenbosch
Evening function with political leaders, and BotSoc and SANBI representatives.
2. Celebration of Kirstenbosch’s and
BotSoc’s Centenary across all National Botanical Gardens on Biodiversity Day
22 May 2013, Biodiversity Day
Free Entry to all gardens
Biodiversity Day Expo: Herbarium and KRC Research facilities will do demonstrations, as well as displaying posters on projects and a banner display to showcase 100 years of research.
3. Celebration of 100 years of Research at Kirstenbosch & within SANBI
Follow the story of how Research and has had to adapt to the times, ever evolving:
From Taxonomy & Botany, to Conservation, to Restoration, to Predictions and Studies on Global Issues such as climate change. 
4. BotSoc Centenary Fundraising Gala Dinner and launch for ‘Plants in Peril’ book
A gala dinner is planned for the 26th of September to be held in Cape Town. The Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW) lauched a coffee table book ‘Plants in Peril’ in joint celebration of CREW’s 10th anniversary and BotSoc’s centenary.
5. South African Commemorative Postage Stamp at the South African Post Office
 The stamps will be distributed to more than 100 countries, South African embassies, international botanical gardens, exhibitions, stamp clubs and meetings.
The post office will publicise the stamp using TV and radio interviews and it will be visable on their Virtual Post Office website
Stamps will be available at selected post offices nationwide from 1 July 2013 at standard prices.
6. ‘The Kirstenbosch People’ DVD
Filmed and produced by George Davis, interviews by Andrew Jacobs.
The DVD is a lasting and verbal legacy that pays tribute to those individuals that have made significant contributions to Kirstenbosch and captures the stories and memories of the people that have made Kirstenbosch the world famous garden that it is today.
7. Centenary addition to Website, Public Interaction Photo Gallery along with Kirstenbosch Art and Artifacts- an Online museum
The widget will allow users to upload images and comments
8. Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit at V&A Waterfront
 The SANBI Kirstenbosch South Africa exhibited a stunning display at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show in London and were awarded their 33rd gold medal. A miniature replica of the display can be seen at the entrance information desk at Kirstenbosch NBG and the display will be re-erected in full scale at the V & A Waterfront in September 2013 for public viewing.
9. Kirstenbosch & Botanical Society’s Biodiversity Art Exhibition for Cape Town Schools
12 August International Youth Day
BotSoc, together with the Ibhabhathane Project proposed an education programme celebrating the 100th anniversary of BotSoc and the SANBI Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The programme will acknowledge the past achievements, celebrate the present activities and promote the future involvement of the community at large, and the young in particular, in BotSoc, SANBI Kirstenbosch NBG and the Gold Fields Education Centre ideals of an awareness of social ecosystems. Some of the works were displayed at our SGM 13 June 2013 at CBC, Kirstenbosch, and the ‘Garden Boys’ exhibition was launched at the Frank Joubert Art School 19 June 2013. Works will be exhibited at the Old Mutual Conference Centre, Kirstenbosch, and at the Artscape Theatre in August, and also at the BotSoc Centenary Fundraising Gala Dinner in September.

10. Silver Tree Restoration Project – legacy project
In celebration of SANBI’s Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden’s and BotSoc’s centenary, in collaboration with the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP), we will be restoring Silver trees to the Cecelia/Kirstenbosch walking trail in July 2013. The project aims to secure the future of the Silver Tree as an icon of biodiversity conservation on Table Mountain. Based on the extensive knowledge available on the Silver Tree’s biology, history and conservation needs, 4000+ trees will be planted along the existing footpaths on Table Mountain, trailing from Rycroft gate (gate 3 Kirstenbosch) to the historic Cork oak planting where Southern Cross Drive joins Rhode’s Drive. Planting will be done by a selected group of participants from a range of schools, partner organisations, stakeholders, VIPs, and the general public. Today the Silver Tree is ranked according to the IUCN criteria as Endangered- ‘facing the risk of extinction in the wild’. 

11. The BotSoc Kirstenbosch Education Bus
A new bus is being planned to replace the current one. The bus is used to bring school children from the broader community to Kirstenbosch for educational purposes.
12. How to get to” Kirstenbosch, a non-motorized Route – legacy project
In conjunction with the City of Cape Town, we are investigating non-motorised routes linking public transport systems to Kirstenbosch using pedestrian pathways and bicycle lanes.
13. SANBI Roadshow 2014 – legacy project
A national tour starting in 2014 to all SANBI gardens and through areas where BotSoc branches operate.
14. Special Appeal:
A special appeal has been sent to members enlisting support for biodiversity conservation, environmental educationn and transformational outreach programmes as well as ongoing support of the SANBI gardens.​
BotSoc Branch Events:
Members Tea party - Victorian themed, and probably to take place on the Marquee lawn in April
Kirstenbosch Desk - The Branch has procured the original desk at which Cecil John Rhodes sat and signed the purchase agreement for the Kirstenbosch Estate from the Cloete family. This will be auctioned off in 2013.
Bioblitz in Kirstenbosch
Guided Walks:
• Garden Guides – Centenary Walk round Kirstenbosch, exploring the history and characters of the Garden, as well as the Centenarian plants (on the first Saturday of the month from Dec 2012 – Dec 2013)
• Garden Guides – Centenary Theme Walks – a different theme each month (on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from Dec 2012 – Nov 2013)
• A-Team walks on the Kirstenbosch Estate – off the beaten tracks (see Veld and Flora for programme)
Kirstenbosch Centenary Calendar
In 2013 Kirstenbosch celebrates its 100th anniversary: this centenary publication tells the story of its establishment,its setbacks and triumphs, its benefactors and heros. A quality memento for visitors to Kirstenbosch and a keepsake for the many thousands of locals who flock here annually
Commemorative book – “Kirstenbosch”
17 January 2013
KIRSTENBOSCH – the most beautiful garden in Africa, Author: Brian J.Huntley
Price: R300.00
This centenary publication tells the story of its establishment,its setbacks and triumphs, its benefactors and heros. A quality memento for visitors to Kirstenbosch and a keepsake for the many thousands of locals who flock here annually
Kirstenbosch Arboretum Canopy Walkway development
 Kirstenbosch NBG, in line with the leading botanical gardens of the world, is constantly striving to improve the experiences of its visitors, sharing the biodiversity, complexity and beauty of our natural heritage. One of the lesser known areas of the garden, the Arboretum, houses over 450 indigenous tree species and the gardens wish to enhance exposure to these and draw visitors to witness, learn about, enjoy and appreciate these wonders. The Kirstenbosch Centenary Canopy Walkway is a legacy project, celebrating a 100 year partnership between the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)/ Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and the Botanical Society of South Africa.​
BotSoc Kirstenbosch
A Centenary Banner of historical pictures along the main walkway through the Garden will create a timeline through its 100 years.
BotSoc Kirstenbosch Guides
Volunteer Guides will lead monthly guided walks which will highlight the history of the Garden. There will be specific theme walks twice a month in addition to the regular daily walks.
Room to Grow, Kirstenbosch talks
Starting January 2013, these will be specifically themes around the Centenary.
Kirstenbosch Garden Fair
Centenarian and Champion plants will be showcased. Special plants propogated from 100 year old specimens in the Garden, as well as horticultural champions developed as Kirstenbosch will be on sale.
Kirstenbosch Botsoc and NGB Photographic competition 2013
The Kirstenbosch Branch is organising a photo competition in 2013. Categories for entry and terms and conditions will be announced in the Branch newsletter in March 2013. But as a pre-release, we can tell members that the competition will be open to all members in good standing of the BotSoc. All photographs must be taken in 2013 and in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. This competition is to celebrate 100 years of Kirstenbosch Garden by BotSoc members. Meanwhile use your imagination and start taking those pix.
Pretoria branch: 
Pretoria branch_photographic competition_compressed.jpg 
Kogelberg Branch:
50th Birthday celebration of the Hack
Joint events with Harold Porter:
such as the launch of the Renosterveld Garden;
an Art Expo and BotSoc Exhibition which will include displays of Veld & Flora covers and history of the Kogelberg Branch;
a Biodiversity Expo in August concentrating on education in the Overberg.
Free State:
Spit Braai
The Free Staters are invited to Spitbraai will be offered in the Botanical Garden and the Free State with the whole of South Africa celebrate the 100 years of the Botanical Society.
For more information contact: 0833952240
KZN Inland:
20-21 April and 27-28 April – Midlands Indigenous Open Gardens.
This will be linked to the  SLIP (Sustainable Living & Indigneous Plant Fair) at the KZN-NBG 25 – 28 April.
BotSoc/Hospice Tea Party in the Avenue with the  Msundusi Hospice Association who be 30.
A fun Quiz night at the South African Association of Botanists Congress on 22 January to celebrate 100 years.
Algoa Branch Legacy Projects
As part of our Society’s centenary celebrations, each local branch will take on a number of Legacy Projects, starting this year. As the name suggests, these projects will not only celebrate Botoc’s 100th birthday, but are also intended to make a lasting contribution to the conservation and increased awareness of our flora.
As we are all aware, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is currently facing a financial crisis, and the resultant budget cuts are severely undermining conservation efforts in the area. There has been a massive increase in the expanse and density of alien vegetation, mainly Australian wattle species, over the past couple of years, and the situation will only become more dire if no
action is taken against the spread of these plants. The lowland fynbos areas, in both rural and urban settings, appear
to be particularly susceptible to these invasions. Consequently, we have decided to launch an “Adopt-a-Plot” scheme
as one of our Legacy Projects. Through this project we shall select plots of threatened ecosystems (with an emphasis on fynbos and wetlands) to systematically clear of alien vegetation. We would like to have signs put up at these plots declaring it as a threatened ecosystem and that it is maintained by the BotSoc Algoa Branch, thus raising awareness of our flora and Society. If there is a particular plot that you think we ought to adopt, please let one of the committee members know.
Our second Legacy Project is a wildflower photography competition focused on the local flora of the Nelson Mandela
Bay area. Competition details will be announced in the next newsletter, on our  Facebook page, and  via e-mail, so
get those cameras ready!  
 Veld & Flora Magazine:
There will be a bumper edition in June 2013 featuring historical events of the society and our vision for the next decades. 
The Veld& Flora is also hosting its own photographic competition to inspire the youth of the BotSoc. 


BotSoc Centenary issue Veld & Flora Cover Competition
The logo of the Botanical Society of South Africa (BotSoc) is a flower of the Common Sugarbush or Suikerbossie (Protea repens). BotSoc is publishing a special Centenary issue of Veld& Flora in June 2013 to mark their one hundredth birthday and we would like to feature this protea on the cover. For that we are running a competition for young amateur photographers (under the age of 30) for the best cover shot of Protea repens.


Please email one digital image per entry (you can send in as many photos as you like, as long as you email them one at a time) with your name, age, contact number or email address and a short biographical sketch of yourself. Digital images and scans should be under 1 MB for emailing (finalists will be asked to send a larger resolution image). Entries (or any queries) should be emailed to info@botanicalsociety.org.za


Veld & Flora is an A4-format, glossy magazine and images will need to take into consideration the placement of the masthead at the top and the coverlines at the bottom. To view images of the magazine, go to http://veldfloraed.blogspot.com/


The competition closes at the end of February 2013. The winner will have their image published on the cover of the Centenary issue of Veld & Flora in June 2013 and will also receive a year’s subscription to the Botanical Society of South Africa. See http://www.botanicalsociety.org.za.


Only amateur photographers may enter. Winners will be chosen by the Veld & Flora Committee and their decision is final. We reserve the right to use your photograph elsewhere in the magazine, on our website and in our marketing material. 


The Common Sugarbush or Suikerbossie (Protea repens) is widespread in southern South Africa from the Bokkeveld Escarpment along the south-western Cape to east of Grahamstown. It is also widely cultivated in gardens. 


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