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Projects & Activities


Education is an important tool for empowering South Africans in the management of plant diversity. BotSoc has always sought to increase knowledge and understanding of the indigenous flora and vegetation of southern Africa through educational programmes and general enlightenment, aimed primarily at the people of SA and to support appropriate study and research projects.

BotSoc also targets school going children with various educational activities. There is a need to increase our efforts in working with schools to advance environmental education.
BotSoc currently is directly involved with 2 educational programmes:
1. IUCN Application: Educational Pack for Schools

This project seeks to contribute to the government’s commitment to raising awareness and concern for floral 

diversity amongst school kids (grades 0 – 4) through an engaging and activity oriented educational pack. 

The project proposal developed in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature 

(IUCN), the Pretoria Branch, and Department of Environmental Affairs has been endorsed. We are also 

discussing the project with the Education and Outreach Directorate, and seek endorsement from the Department of 

Basic Education.


​2. Environmental Education Posters



forest compressed.jpg

Thanks to the National Lottery, we are also pleased to be printing more of the Educational Posters on Fynbos, Forest, Thicket and Grasslands, together with the accompanying workbooks. 

The first batch includes the Fynbos and Forest posters. We will be distributing them via our networks to schools around the country. If your are interested in attaining these, please contact the Head Office.


We also work very closely with the City of Cape Town's Environmental Resources Management division. More information and educational resources can be found on their website​


 experts and testing of the pack will be done before its distribution to all schools in SA.​