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The Botanical Society is currently closed and will reopen 2nd January 2019.
New and renewals of memberships can be done at the bookshops Gate 1 and 2 at the Kirstenbosch Gardens.

When the Botsoc Head Office is closed, please kindly visit either of the BotSoc bookshops at Kirstenbosch entrances 1 and 2, where staff will assist you with membership joining and/or renewals



Projects & Activities

List of Publications

  1. The quarterly journal of the Botanical Society, Veld & Flora, is a glossy colour-filled magazine that is sent to members and is not available in bookstores. The journal covers a wide variety of topics related to the flora of southern Africa, mainly, but occasionally also some feature articles about the flora of other parts of Africa. The regular items include Director's Notes, Branch Diaries, Conservation News, News and Events, Book Reviews, Letters to the Editor and Classified Advertisements. Feature articles are received from members and other contributors and the journal is ably edited by Caroline Voget.
    If you would like to contribute an article please consult the Veld Flora_Generic Authors Guidelines_Feature articles_July 2015_FINAL.pdf  .​ If you would like to advertise in the Veld and Flora, please contact us.

  2. Special Guides
    The guides are available at the Botanical Society Bookshop and other reputable booksellers. They may also be purchased online.

    Restios of the Fynbos
    This guide focuses on the Restionaceae, a family of reed- or rush-like plants that are found in South Africa and Australia. The book deals with the genera of these floristically important plants found in the Cape Floristic Region that have growing scientific and horticultural value.