"Committed to the conservation
of a unique wild flower heritage"

Botanical Society of South Africa
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The Botanical Society is currently closed and will reopen 2nd January 2019.
New and renewals of memberships can be done at the bookshops Gate 1 and 2 at the Kirstenbosch Gardens.

When the Botsoc Head Office is closed, please kindly visit either of the BotSoc bookshops at Kirstenbosch entrances 1 and 2, where staff will assist you with membership joining and/or renewals


Projects & Activities

Useful Plants

01 Cowpea Sept. 2007.pdf
02 Cancer Bush Dec. 2007.pdf
03 Century Plant March 2008.pdf
04 African Wormwood June 2008.pdf
05 Bulbine frutescens Sept. 2008.pdf
06 Sorghum Dec. 2008.pdf
07 Amatungulu June 2009.pdf
09 Buchu Sept. 2009.pdf
10 Iboza Dec. 2009.pdf
11 The Pepper-bark Tree March 2010.pdf
12 The Matjiesgoed Sedge June 2010.pdf
13 The Lemon Bush Sept. 2010.pdf
14 Pigweed Dec. 2010.pdf
15  Marula June 2011.pdf
16 The Calabash Gourd Sept. 2011.pdf
17 WildPotato Dec. 2011.PDF
18 Tsamma Melon March 2012.pdf