"Committed to the conservation
of a unique wild flower heritage"

Botanical Society of South Africa
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Office hours Monday to Thursday 08:30 to 16:30. Fridays 08:30 to 16:00. Closed daily between 1 and 2, weekends and Public Holidays

Please visit the bookshops at Kirstenbosch for membership matters whilst Head Office is closed. Online joining can be accessed via www.botanicalsociety.org.za.

Annual Financial Statements 2019.pdf
16/08/2019 14:03Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
Annual Report 2015-2016.pdf
18/10/2016 10:41BotSoc-SAYes
BotSoc AGM 2019 - Berrisford Nomination for Botsoc Honorary Life Membership.pdf
16/08/2019 13:49Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc AGM 2019 - Postal Voting Form.pdf
16/08/2019 13:57Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc AGM 2019 - Proposed Constitutional Changes.pdf
16/08/2019 13:50Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc AGM 2019 - Proposed Membership Categories.pdf
16/08/2019 13:52Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc AGM 2019 - Proxy Voting Form.pdf
16/08/2019 13:58Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc and SANBI Strategic partners for 100 years.pdf
22/10/2013 11:23Botsoc BS. BotanicalsocietyYes
BotSoc Code of Good Practice- as of SGM 30.03.15.pdf
17/06/2016 10:23BotSoc-SAYes
BotSoc Council Nominees - Biographies in Brief.pdf
16/08/2019 13:55Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
BotSoc Highlights of the Century.pdf
22/10/2013 11:24Botsoc BS. BotanicalsocietyYes
Botsoc National Constitution (17 Aug 2018).pdf
22/08/2018 08:42Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
Bruce McKenzie’s Report (Annexure B to the AGM minutes).pdf
16/08/2019 14:06Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
Chairman’s report (Annexure A to the AGM minutes).pdf
16/08/2019 14:02Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
CONSTITUTION  as of SGM 13.06.13.pdf
17/06/2016 10:23BotSoc-SAYes
23/07/2013 13:23Botsoc BS. BotanicalsocietyNo
Draft February 2019 AGM Minutes.pdf
16/08/2019 14:04Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
How BotSoc and SANBI fit together.pdf
17/06/2016 10:20BotSoc-SAYes
Looking back, looking forward 100 years of conserving our flora.pdf
22/10/2013 12:29Botsoc BS. BotanicalsocietyYes
MOU with SANBI.pdf
29/06/2011 01:18System AccountYes
SGM Minutes 17 Aug 2018.pdf
07/09/2018 10:50Botanical Society of South AfricaYes
Treasurers Report (Annexure C to the AGM minutes).pdf
16/08/2019 14:05Botanical Society of South AfricaYes